Shasta County Transition Partnership (SCTP)

Operating as a Strategic Alliance with Shasta 21st Century Career Connections


Vision Statement:  SCTP believes all youth (16-24) are capable of successfully navigating their transition
into adult roles and responsibilities.

Mission Statement:  SCTP promotes successful transitions for youth, including those with disabilities,
through collaboration with youth, families and transition partners.

Guiding Principles: 

SCTP believes in the capacity of youth and families to overcome obstacles as youth strive to assume
adult roles and responsibilities.

SCTP believe that collaboration and communication among local transition partners (organizations,
agencies, employers, and educational systems) with youth and families will strengthen transitions.



Promote Self-Advocacy

Enhance Communication

Network with community resources

Monitor Legislation and Policy Review

Access/Leverage Resources

Empower Youth and their Families

Host forums on key issues (employment, youth perspective, …..)


Current Transition Partners                                           

Area Board 2                                                                        

Shasta 21st Century Career Connections (STC3)

Shasta County Coordinating Council                            

Shasta College DSPS, EOPS                              

Far Northern Regional Center                                         

Rowell Family Empowerment Center

ILS for Foster Youth of Northern CA

Mains’l College Plus Program

Nor Cal Services for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing

Office of Client Rights

Independent Living Skills Northern CA

Shasta County Health and Human Services

            Children Services

            Opportunity Center

The Crossing

Shasta County ILP

Shasta County Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA)

Department of Rehabilitation