Our Vision . . . is that Students leave High School:

  • prepared for life in the 21st Century
  • optimistic about their future and confident they will have the resources to achieve their dreams
  • with higher levels of math, science and technical skills, and understanding of the real-life application of those skills
  • with opportunities to demonstrate Employment Literacy Standards
  • better prepared to fulfill their adult roles by making informed decisions, and - with an education, career and life plan
  • equipped with essential skills for success in life's settings: Work, Home, Community and Classroom.

STC³  . . .

  • Shows students career choices.
  • Trains students for life-long learning, careers and community involvement and motivates them by making learning more relevant.
  • Creates community-based partnerships.
  • Commits to educating the 21st Century workforce.
  • Culminates in a brighter future for us all!

Strategies and Resources:

Broker Workplace Opportunities for youth to explore their options for career/post-secondary education, training, and leadership skills that are aligned with economic development initiatives fo all youth  
Maintain Efforts to Engage Educators in staff development that:

    • enhances the delivery system of career guidance
    • designs motivating curriculum focused on 'Learner Outcomes' (applications of classroom learning in life settings: Work, Home & Community)

Coordinate Events and Community/Business/Education Partnerships

Maintain and Upgrade a Resource Bank of Transition Resources in our community

Access Funding Resources for partners that are available through community-based intermediary organizations

Conduct Research to identify strategies to improve quality transitions for all youth.