Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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Sources of information related to the Role of the Counselor,
with special emphasis on Career Development and
School Counselor Standards

Professional Organizations: Websites with Links to Resources

American School Counselor Association:  www.schoolcounselor.org
CA Association of School Counselors:  www.schoolcounselor-ca.org
CA School Counselor Association:  http://www.calif-schoolcounselor.org/
American Counselor Assocation:  www.counseling.org/
Assocation for Career & Technical Education:  www.acteonline.org
National Employer Leadership Council:  www.nelc.org

Statewide Resources: Websites with Links for Career Development Resources

California Department of Education Student Support Services & Programs:  www.cde.ca.gov
CA Association of Regional Occupaiton Centers & Programs:  www.carocp.org
CA Workforce Investment Act Youth Development:  www.calwia.gov
CA Postsecondary Education Commission:  http://www.cpec.ca.gov/FiscalData/Steps.asp

College & University:  Tools that address all aspects of Planning Careers & College

University of California/UC Gateways:  www.ucgateways.org
University of California:  http://uhs.berkeley.edu/Students/CareerLibrary/links/assess.shtml
California State University:  www.csumentor.edu
Community Colleges:  www.ccco.edu
CollegeNET:  www.collegenet.com
California Colleges:  http://www.californiacolleges.edu/
Shasta College EWD CTE Info:  http://www.shastacollege.edu/cms.aspx?id=4963

Study Skills Guides / How to Study


Internet Resources:  Standards

CA State Academic Standards:  www.cde.ca.gov/be/st
CA State Career-Technical Standards (challenge stds):  www.cde.ca.gov/ci/ct/sf
Technology Standards:  http://iste.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=NETS

Student Performance & Educational Data Resources

Accountability Progress Reporting APR / District CAHSEE Data:  http://www.cde.ca.gov/index.asp
Postsecondary Education Commission (college going rates):  http://www.cpec.ca.gov/FiscalData/Steps.asp

Special Populations Resources

Youth with Disabilities:  http://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/se/sr/selinks.asp
Job Accommodations Network:  www.jan.org
WorkAbility I Programs:  http://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/se/sr/wrkabltyI.asp

Virtual Career Information

Match Majors to Careers:  http://6steps.monster.com/step1/careerconverter/

What Can I Do With a Major In??:  http://www.k-state.edu/acic/majorin/


Career Development Resources

Explore Careers, Plan Your Education, Find a Job:  http://www.iseek.org/

Ten Myths About Choosing A Career:  http://careerplanning.about.com/od/careerchoicechan/a/myths_choice.htm

Information & Tools for Counselors:  http://www.iseek.org/guide/counselors/index.html

Mapping Your Future:  http://mappingyourfuture.org/
Career Info Net:  www.acinet.org/
California Careers: http://www.californiacareers.info/
CA Career Planning Guide:  http://www.californiacareers.info/ccpg
CA Careers Reality Check:  http://www.californiacareers.info/realitycheck
National Career Development Guidelines:  http://cte.ed.gov/acrn/ncdg.htm
Job Shadowing:  www.jobshadow.org
Service Learning:  www.servicelearning.org
Vocational Information Center:  http://www.khake.com/page6.html
Catholic Healthcare West Career Site:  www.mydecisionmycareer.org
MonsterTRAK Sponsored:  www.missingmajor.com
CA Community College:  http://www.whodouwant2b.com/
CA EDD Tools for Career Exploration:  http://www.calmis.ca.gov/file/occmisc/tools.pdf

Parent Resource

All Means All:  http://ici.umn.edu/all/

Curriculum Integration / Contextual Learning

Developing Learning Outcomes:  http://www.web.virginia.edu/iaas/assessment/outcomes.htm
SCANS Skills Integration:  http://www.calbusinessed.org/besac/scans.html
The Center for Occupational Research & Development (CORD):  http://www.cord.org/
Publications, Documents about Applied Learning:  http://www.coreknowledge.org/CK/index.htm
General Curriculum Resoruces:  www.ed.gov
Share Curriculum with Teachers:  www.teachersnetwork.org
Center on Education & Work:  www.cew.wisc.edu
The Real Game:  http://www.realgame.com/usa.html

Computer Information Systems

Business Education:  http://www.cln.org/subjects/bused_cur.html
CA Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA):  http://www.cafbla.org/
Agriculture - Future Farmers of America (FFA):  http://www.ffa.org/index.cfm?method=c_about.stats
Family & Life Science / Home Economics -- Future Homemakers of America (FHA)


Industrial Technology